Everything Goes Perfect Every Time…

2017-05-14 12.37.13

Over the nine years we’ve been in business, everything has gone super perfect every single time*. Until recently that is, when our perfect streak was broken after we ordered a Gazelle Tour Populair Step Over 8 Speed 61cm and they mistakenly shipped us a 3 Speed instead. We talked over the options with Gazelle and shipping this bike back was going to be too wasteful and costly. Plus we don’t necessarily hate this bike. It just wasn’t what we ordered which means we had to add another model to our list of offerings.

It is very much by design that we choose to stock only the 8 speed Tour Populair. For starters, the variance in retail price is only $50 ($1,099 for 3 speed vs. $1,149 for 8 speed). But, there are other differences not easy to sort out to the untrained eye. The 3 speed has old school rod pull Sturmey Archer drum brakes. Sure they’ll slow you down but long term they are not as easy to service or source parts for as the modern Shimano Roller Brakes on the 8 speed. The dynamo generator on the 3 speed is also old school; one of the external coke bottle style ones, contrasted with the modern low friction internal Shimano hub dynamo on the 8 speed. Long story short, the 3 speed is the bike you ride with a tweed jacket as your holiday weekend bike whereas the 8 speed is more of a four season Genuine Dutch Transport city bike.

We do like having this bike around as it’s pretty neat to look at, but we’d rather take this opportunity to offer our customers a sweet unbeatable price on a unique set of wheels (and get back to our nice and tidy, streamlined stocking list of only 8 speed Tour Populairs).

The fine print – save $250 from retail price (sale price $849 vs. retail $1,099). This deal is on this bike only while it lasts. It is a 61cm step over so ideal for riders within a few inches on either side of 6′ tall.



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