TwoTone Amsterdam X Vera Cycling Caps

We just received a small shipment of these super rad TwoTone Amsterdam X Vera cycling caps…


For more on what/who TwoTone Amsterdam is, check out our previous blog post.

We’ve never had much success selling apparel at The Shop. Nor have we really attempted to stock much of it since one of the main tenets of Dutch biking is dressing for the destination not the journey.

For me, stocking these sweet caps isn’t about making money or moving units. I like TwoTone Amsterdam and what they are all about and I think you should too. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything in orange;-)

2017-09-28 17.52.26

These caps are not your typical stretchy spandex style, they have more of a light canvas cotton feel to them. They are made 100% in northern France. We have them in one size that I would call medium (my head measures to about 57cm and they fit me just fine). We have a few different colorways in stock and available for $35.

Won’t get a chance to make it into the shop but want to get one, I’d recommend ordering one direct from TwoTone Amsterdam here.


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