Winther Cargo Trikes Special Order

Winther makes some pretty amazing cargo trikes, we should know since we were a dealer of theirs from 2010-2017. Our run only ended because we had to narrow our cargo trike options for space and financial concerns.

We just received a special order for a Winther trike from a motivated customer who was ‘Winther or bust’ and so we are happily committed to making that bike a reality for them. Our order will be submitted to Winther in less than 2 weeks on Friday September 21st.

2015-06-29 09.32.43 winther kangaroo

This is a special orders only opportunity, we are not planning to bring in inventory heading into the winter. To our knowledge there are no other Winther dealers (or should I say stocking Winther dealers) in North America so this is a unique opportunity with a short order window.

2015-03-31 17.13.25 winther cargoo

These bikes are expected to arrive in Chicago in early to mid November. Prices for the various models (Luxe, Lite and Cargoo) will range from $3,500-$4,500.

2014-09-04 11.30.21 winther kangaroo

Please contact us before Friday September 21st if you are interested in getting your hands on one.


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