One Earth Film Festival Action Items

To supplement our participation as partners in the 2019 One Earth Film Festival screenings of the documentary Why We Cycle, we’ve posted a public list of our action items. This is a list of actions that any individual in the Chicagoland area can take to make a positive impact in their communities regarding bicycling, bike safety, and infrastructure.

Sign up for a Divvy membership


Become a member or donate to bike advocacy non-profit organizations

Attend community meetings such as MBAC (Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council)

Join bike-related social media groups


Read and support Streetsblog Chicago

Familiarize yourself with a City of Chicago bike map

Volunteer at, take a class, get involved with, or donate to a local not-for-profit bike shop

Use the mobile app Transit for navigation via public transit, biking and Divvy


Spread the word about the Dutch reach


Support your local bike shops

  • Investment in your community (jobs and relationships)
  • Have a dependable institution to rely on for service

And lastly…

Tell your family, friends, your book club, your religious or secular community, or your coworkers about Why We Cycle and One Earth Film Festival; in other words, start a conversation about practical bicycling! Even better: make a commitment to bike a certain amount each week (1 day per week, 2, 3, 4 days per week, one weekend day, etc) and make an accountability group to track your progress.

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