Nihola 2019 Pre-Order Offer

Are you interested in getting a Nihola next Spring? We will be placing our order for these fantastic machines in early December and the bikes will arrive around mid-February.

Pre-order deadline is Wednesday December 12th.

Get in on the order now to save a little scratch and more…

Save $100 with a pre-order

Family model was $3,449 (Now $3,349 w/ Pre-Order)

4.0 model was $3,899 (Now $3,799 w/ Pre-Order)

You will potentially be saving even more by taking this discount off of 2018 prices as the 2019 price is likely to rise.

This is also your chance to pick your cargo box and rain hood color.

And, it’s also your chance to order a non-standard model (Dog, Low, Rehab, Flex etc.) that we do not normally stock in our store.

Any questions, please contact us. 

New Brompton Colors

*Updated 11/10/2018

2018-09-20 14.40.46.jpg

As summer falls into autumn, here at J.C. Lind we’re lookin’ forward to the slight chill in the air, long sleeves, colorful trees, pumpkins and their gourd friends, baseball and all its championship happenings, and for Brompton – the perfectly sized, utilitarian, multi-modal folding bike that goes wherever you go, inside and out – and its new, fun colors: Hot Pink, Flame Lacquer, Purple Metallic, and Papyrus White. The bike literally folds smaller than the last sentence, and to be honest, it’s way more fun, too. Nevertheless, in appreciation of these atmospheric changes and a desire to spice up the season, and hopefully a few people’s lives, we were quick (possibly the first?!) to order a new Purple Metallic Brompton and a Hot Pink Brompton for our current inventory (ETA November 2018 they’re now here!).

The Purple Metallic is a premium color; it’s a bit more in price (+$250 up-charge), but it’s a lot more to look at – like metallic flakes that glisten in the sunlight. We built it as a M6L, so it has the “M” handlebars, 6 speeds, and fenders. We also added dynamo lighting – front and rear lighting that is powered by you and your pedaling and all your luminous affections.

The Hot Pink is an attention grabbing crowd favorite that, after a brief hiatus, the public demanded to have back. Brompton did just that and so did we. Our Hot Pink Brompton is a M3L, so it has the “M” handlebars, 3 speeds, fenders, and is an uncomplicated style that’s fun to ride. So if you’re excited about these bikes like we are, check out our website for more information (Purple Metallic M6L & Hot Pink M3L) but then stop by the shop to say hi and see these bikes in person. Let’s celebrate the changing complexion of the fall with colorful new bikes.


* It’s been 47 days. Summer is history, autumn is giving up and leaving us, and the “slight chill in the air” is now slightly above or below freezing. But even though it’s pretty much dark by lunch time, we have something brilliant … the new Purple Metallic Brompton! It finally arrived here at The Shop, and we can’t stop looking at it (which can be a problem when you’re riding it). So come on over to The Shop and look at our (or maybe your?!) new Purple Metallic AND Hot Pink Brompton.

Winther Cargo Trikes Special Order

Winther makes some pretty amazing cargo trikes, we should know since we were a dealer of theirs from 2010-2017. Our run only ended because we had to narrow our cargo trike options for space and financial concerns.

We just received a special order for a Winther trike from a motivated customer who was ‘Winther or bust’ and so we are happily committed to making that bike a reality for them. Our order will be submitted to Winther in less than 2 weeks on Friday September 21st.*

2015-06-29 09.32.43 winther kangaroo

This is a special orders only opportunity, we are not planning to bring in inventory heading into the winter. To our knowledge there are no other Winther dealers (or should I say stocking Winther dealers) in North America so this is a unique opportunity with a short order window.

2015-03-31 17.13.25 winther cargoo

These bikes are expected to arrive in Chicago in early to mid November. Prices for the various models (Luxe, Lite and Cargoo) will range from $3,500-$4,500.

2014-09-04 11.30.21 winther kangaroo

Please contact us before Friday September 21st* if you are interested in getting your hands on one.



Onderwater / Workcycles Family Adventures


We have some really rad customers. These guys took the rad meter up past 10 last summer when they went on a self-supported bike camping tour with their Onderwater Tandem XL and Workcycles Fr8. The crew included Mom and Dad and three kids ranging from about 2-8 years old. The journey originated and ended from their home in Chicago. They went clockwise first heading west then north dipping into southern Wisconsin then eastbound towards Lake Michigan and then back south for the homestretch. Total distance was about 350 miles riding on a mix of paved roads, gravel roads, and trails. They camped each night and completed the journey in 10 days. And the best part for us- they took some fantastic photos which they are kind enough to let me share with you here. Enjoy.




05 38905459271_e74802010d_o

06 38190089684_4195e2f2ef_o

07 38190086974_6bb5772e94_o

08 38905452551_1e62ccf916_o

09 38190080334_cfcea45b5f_o

10 24040515607_9a5311229b_o

11 27128780969_511d1105f8_o

12 24040540337_6acff4e0e2_o(1)

13 27231964419_314781bda3_o

14 38905442341_0002e0a18d_o

15 25033996328_8212578f3a_o

16 24040495527_7a56913a87_o

17 24040492457_92c2e15613_o

18 38869665902_6e3c257358_o

19 38905424621_383dcb6187_o

20 27128750599_56cc1523e5_o

21 27128746089_7b6118a7fd_o

22 24040473977_c8d3b71c5d_o

23 27128739029_e34e6abff0_o

24 25033970148_6b551194fa_o

25 38869639302_279fb80eea_o

26 38869636272_1d1de93242_o

27 38869631142_22c36c30fb_o

28 38018737055_d53e91bf13_o

29 27128687219_c0c8398a13_o

30 38905399691_7f512a8076_o

31 38869620892_66686bf206_o

32 38905394501_b3479fa786_o

33 38905392121_78c685f10a_o

34 24040442957_6ac1de53b8_o

35 38905384731_d459109178_o

36 24040438667_99c54ca2d1_o

So that was their adventure last summer, how could they possibly top that this summer? They added an Onderwater Tandem LX to their fleet and had a custom roof rack made to transport both of them on top of their truck.

onderwater roofrack

Later this summer they will head up to the UP (Upper Peninsula Michigan), parking their car and letting it sit idle for nearly three weeks while they explore the UP on their Onderwater Tandems. Have a great trip guys! Can’t wait to see the photos. Thank for letting us ride along.

All photos by John

Bike The Drive Sunday May 27, 2018


Come join us for Chicago’s ultimate group ride and help us form the largest posse of Genuine Dutch Transport this country has ever seen! If you’ve never done Bike The Drive before, you are in for a treat. Biking down a quiet and car-free Lake Shore Drive is a memorable experience. So check one more thing off of your Chicago bucket list and join us!

What is Bike The Drive?-

If you’re not familiar, Bike The Drive is an annual event put on by Active Transportation Alliance (Chicago’s non-profit agency whose goal is to make the Chicagoland area more bike and pedestrian friendly). It is always the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. It is sadly the only chance of the year to experience the peace and calm of a car-free Lake Shore Drive. The proceeds of the event form the largest source of funding for Active Transportation Alliance. I’ve done it three times and it is always a blast and a fantastic way to welcome the official start of summer here in Chicago. For more information on Bike The Drive and Active Transportation Alliance check out these links:

Our Route-

We will meet up at the shop (J.C. Lind Bike Co. – 1311 N. Wells Street – Chicago, IL 60610) on Sunday May 27, 2018 at 5:00am for pre-ride bike checks, coffee, donuts and stretching. Then we will hit the road around 5:45am. We will enter Lake Shore Drive at the Fullerton Ave check point and head north towards the Bryn Mawr rest stop for our first break. Then we will head south to Grant Park (between Monroe and Jackson) for another break. From there we will make our way south to the Museum of Science & Industry and then back up north for the post-ride festival in Grant Park with approx. ETA of 10:00am.

Things to keep in mind-

  • Our pace will be a very slow and relaxed one
  • You are welcome to break off from our group at anytime
  • Total distance will be around 35 miles if you do the entire ride described above
  • Kids are welcome, either as passengers on a cargo bike or as independent riders
  • Kids as passengers do not need to register. Kids as independent riders do need to register
  • Pack plenty of water and don’t forget the sunscreen

How to sign up-

  • text or call the shop (312) 643-1670 to let us know you are in and we will follow up with more details on the group registration process
  • registration is $43 per adult and $17 for youth riders (17 years old or younger)
  • cut off to register with our group is Friday May 4th
  • if you have already registered for Bike The Drive and want to join us, please do! Just let me know so I have a good headcount and enough coffee and donuts for everyone

For more information-

Some pictures from our last Bike The Drive back in 2010-


Now Hiring – Experienced Bike Mechanic

2018-03-03 13.55.26

Now Hiring – Experienced Bike Mechanic or 2!

We are looking to add a new member to our crew here at The Shop. You will be responsible for bicycle assembly, repair/service along with working on the sales floor.

We have been Chicago’s Dutch city and cargo bike shop for over 10 years. We are focused on growing the concept of treating bikes as utility vehicles rather than recreational toys.

2+ years of bike shop mechanic experience required. Experience with internally geared hubs is desirable. We offer a diverse range of bicycles, including cargo trikes, requiring a diverse set of knowledge and skills and the ability to come up with creative solutions.

2018-03-03 14.21.43

Part time positions available with potential to grow into full time roll. We offer competitive wages, opportunity for year round employment and paid time off. If you are interested in growing with us and being part of something different and exciting come check out this opportunity.

If you’re interested in applying, please call or text (312) 643-1670 or send us an email on our contact page.


Brompton Black Edition

There will be a limited number of the Brompton Black Editions making their way to US this summer. Of that limited quantity there will be an even smaller amount that we will get our hands on here at The Shop. I’m telling you this now because I think they are a pretty neat option for someone who digs this look. If you are in the odd confluence of circumstances of not only being ready to order a Brompton right now but also being patient enough to wait until July, and lastly you are into the Black Edition look, now is your time.

black edition main pcta 02

What is a Black Edition Brompton anyway? For a modest upcharge of $75 the Black Edition comes all murdered out with black handlebars, crank, fenders, seat post and rims instead of the stock silver. I think it gives it a little more of a modern or sportier look. I’m not actually a huge fan myself. I have a standard black Brompton with silver finishes and I think it looks slick. The one thing that might put me over the edge to choose one of these is that you can get it with an orange main frame. This is of particular interest because you otherwise can’t get orange anywhere on a standard Brompton.


I’m a sucker for anything in orange. Photo credit –

Why should I order one now? We are only able to get 2 of these so there’s that. But more importantly, if you get your order placed in the next two weeks by Wednesday March 28th, you will be able to pick out all your options in advance which is super important when it comes to sorting out what Brompton configuration is right for you.

What are these options you speak of? You can get the Brompton Black Edition in S, M or H type bars. For main frame color you can choose between black, orange or Turkish green. You only get 2 choices for gearing (2 speed or 6 speed) which kind of sucks because I like the 3 speed option for Chicago. One final option if you feel like showing off some disposable income is to get the black lacquer one. For the not so modest upcharge of $325 your frame will have a darker more tinted clear coat finish.

black edition black lacquer photo

I love this look with the raw metal and welds visible under the lacquer finish. Black lacquer is the one on the left. Photo credit –

If you are interested in securing a Black Edition Brompton text or call us at (312) 643-1670 or go old school and come in for a visit to J.C. Lind Bike Co. 1311 N. Wells Street – Chicago, IL 60610. Then all that’s left to do is wait patiently until your Brompton arrives in July.