Brompton Folding Bikes

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Brompton folding bikes are ‘the answer’. I want a bike but I don’t have anywhere I can store it. I want a bike but I’m worried if I lock it up outside it will get stolen. I want a bike but I need to be able to bring it on public transit during rush hour. A Brompton goes well beyond solving these common dilemmas. A Brompton will give you mobility super powers you never imagined possible. Just wait to experience the feeling of joy when you fly somewhere with your Brompton, arriving at your destination ready to explore your new surroundings, then you’ll have a clear picture of what I’m talking about here.

2018-03-26 16.22.24 HDR Brompton M6R Grey-Lime Green


In Stock:

ETA November 2018:

ETA December 2018:

  • M6L Black
  • M6L Tempest Blue

Featured Brompton Bikes (These featured bikes can be shipped to us from Brompton USA within 7-10 days):

Build Your Own Custom Brompton (Delivery time approx. 8 weeks)