Ortlieb Panniers

The Germans. They’ve established a reputation as being uncompromising engineers. They gave us Mercedes Benz and BMW, as everyone knows; for us bike folk, they gave us Schwalbe tires, but did you now they also make Ortlieb bicycle bags? So, as you’d expect, Ortliebs are pretty indestructible and of superlative quality.

In particular, we sell the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic pannier and the Ortlieb Shopper pannier. They both feature the same durable and modular mounting hardware which can attach and detach quickly to most racks out there. They’re also both 100% waterproof and come in a variety of colors.

The Back Roller can be rolled down to the desired size, and compacts fairly small if need be. But it also has a large capacity if desired (40 litres) and can be unfurled to allow those carrot greens or bouquet of tulips to billow out the open top. The Back Rollers retail from $95-$120 per bag.

The Shopper pannier has a clever zip-lock style closure and an accommodating volume (20 litres). It also has the versatile feature of integrated shoulder straps for easy off-the-bike carrying. The Shopper pannier sells for $100 per bag.

Keith’s Ortlieb Blurb:

“I’ve had my Ortlieb Back Roller for a little over 5 years and I’ve used it for everything from bikepacking into the Rocky Mountains to picking up absurd loads of groceries including watermelons and firewood! I’ve never had anything on it break and I practically live out of that thing; you should see it, it’s as messy as my room.”

Jon’s Ortlieb Blurb:

“Regardless of the bike I’m riding or the purpose of my ride, my Ortlieb Back Roller conforms to the task at hand. I ride a Workcycles Fr8 daily which has a permanent set of Clarijs bags on the rear rack so the Ortlieb makes its home up front in the Kerri crate. When I head out on my Pilen Lyx or my mountain bike the Ortlieb can be attached in a moments notice to either bike’s rear rack.”


Ortlieb Bags come in a variety of colors and textures.